What is this mass on my pet?

“What is this mass on my pet?”
“Could it be cancer?”
“How will the veterinarian diagnose the lump?”
“What are the options for treatment?”

Many owners who find lumps and bumps may have the same general questions,
and it is essential to let your veterinarian know about your discovery as soon as
possible. Dogs and cats may have many benign skin tumors, but confirming the
diagnosis with laboratory work (eg, cytology or biopsy) is very important. The
results of these tests can help your veterinarian detect malignant lesions before
they spread.
Even some benign tumors warrant further workups. Benign tumors should be
monitored for signs of change, because it is possible for a benign tumor to
transform into a malignant tumor.
Malignant tumors can be similar in appearance to benign tumors, so being
proactive with detection and treatment (not “waiting and watching”) can help your
pet’s health and prognosis.

Source: vetteambrief.com, Barbara E. Kitchell, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
(Internal Medicine & Oncology)

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