Tina Henson

I would like to thank all of you at Rita Ranch Pet Hospital for the kind, considerate, thoughtful, professional and expert service my girls and I received. The first time I came to Rita Ranch Pet Hospital was last May with my sweet Mastiff Chloe for what I thought was going to simply be a shoulder sprain. After examination and x-rays, Dr. Krauss had to break the news to me that Chloe had bone cancer and it was advanced. After Dr. Krauss provided me all the information and answers I asked for, I made the decision to let Chloe go. Dr. Krauss and all of the staff on duty that day, you couldn’t have been kinder, you were very gentle and compassionate with Chloe and me and I was given all the time I needed to say goodbye to my sweet girl. Compassionate with a capital C describes all of you.

I recently returned to your office, this time for my girl Bella. Again, same great experience starting with Natalie who was the first to see Bella and begin the exam process. Natalie was wonderful with Bella. Dr. Thongkham was so kind and gentle and provided me with all of the information I needed to learn how to best help and care for Bella and her eyes and ears. Today is Wednesday and it is already very evident that Bella is feeling much better.

The bottom line, and again, reason for my message is to say thank you so much to all of you at Rita Ranch Pet Hospital and to let you know that I can’t even imagine ever going anywhere else for my dogs if and when they need veterinary care. And anybody who asks me where to go for pet care will always hear the same answer from me, Rita Ranch Pet Hospital and Drs. Krauss and Thongkham and their staff are the BEST!!


We are a Vail family with one fabulous 2 legged child, and four hilarious 4 legged children... We have raised our daughter to love our "puppies" with the same fierce and devoted love that we feel for her ~ and that sometimes means coming swiftly to their rescue when unexpected calamities occur.

One of our oldest puppies is Kato, a 12 year old Mini Australian Shepherd going on 2! He is a life-long rascal, who still chases rabbits, romps around with our 2 year old Papillons, and God help him, to this day follows his nose into whatever trouble awaits him when he happily inhales any "food shrapnel" that he can manage to get his paws on before we can catch him!

This past May, while we were out enjoying a lovely dinner to celebrate the end of a long school year, Kato pulled a particularly athletic stunt that almost ended his life. We always "puppy proof" our kitchen before leaving the house ~ putting the trash can up on the counter, making sure any cookies, loaves of bread, etc. are stored well out of his reach. (He only recently decided to steal food from our tall breakfast bar, a new occurrence that we had to quickly adapt to, and he's always been able to open door knobs throughout the house!). A new friend had made a scrumptious batch of mini muffins sweetened with xylitol, and after sampling 1 or 2, we got a last minute call to join family for dinner on the North side of town. As we quickly rushed to get out of the house, we did our puppy proofing, and put the packaged muffins well to the back of our very wide breakfast bar, a spot he had never been able to reach in the past... Gee, can you guess what happened when we got home?

We arrived home to find large amounts of vomit in different areas of our house (thank GOD we have tile!), and a very, very sick Little Guy looking up at us and panting profusely! Kato had vomited now and then when he stole "snacks" here and there, and we had become accustomed to caring for him at home. However, within the next 12 hours, we knew that this was horribly different... He soon became lethargic, unsteady on his feet, wetting the floor right where he stood, and shaking & drooling uncontrollably all of a sudden as we tried to settle him down for bed. We thought that he was going to die a violent death right in front of our terrified 8 year old daughter! Since his worsening occurred late at night, we monitored him all night and rushed him to see Dr. Krauss the moment she opened her doors.

She quickly ascertained that Kato had "Xylitol Poisoning", and that the amount he had ingested was simply off the charts! Our first mistake was in thinking that since he had vomited up the muffins, (they weren't even digested yet, you'd THINK that was a good sign) that he hadn't truly ingested much of the poison yet. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! In the case of Xylitol Poisoning, he had ABSORBED THE POISON AS SOON AS HE ATE THE MUFFINS, and absorbing that poison so quickly is what ACTUALLY MADE HIM VOMIT!!! This was brand new territory for us. His liver was toast, he was jaundiced, severely dehydrated (PLEASE NOTE! He kept gorging on water at home, was insanely thirsty, & vomited it up immediately, which is a KEY SYMPTOM), no appetite, unable to even hold his head up.

**He transformed from a frisky, excited puppy to a deathly ill, crashing puppy in less than 1 day.**

Dr. Krauss and her team went to work on Kato in lightning speed, it felt like a dramatic episode of E.R., and we were losing him fast. She was very honest about his initial chances for survival, saying we'd have to take it hour by hour, but that the odds were really against him. Yes, they ran tests, did the blood work, put him on an IV, gave him shots ~ the whole shebang... And we were given the cost estimates incredibly fast so that we could decide right away what to do. Was is going to be expensive? You bet it was. Could it have possibly cost less to go with another Veterinarian? Probably so. Did we consider going to anyone else as we hastily crunched the numbers to see what level of care we could afford? NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND.

You see, this testimonial about 2 things: Its a cautionary tale to warn our fellow animal lovers what could happen at home, and symptoms to recognize ~ but it's also an affirmation of the special and extraordinary efforts of Dr. Krauss and her team, to save our beautiful Kato. They didn't just medicate him, they researched his condition, showed us the research on their computer, and religiously kept us updated, and this is key, they loved Kato as though he had been their own Little Love. I still tear up when I recall how emotionally bonded they became to him during his 2 1/2 day stay, cuddling him and baby talking him just the way we do, when he was too weak to lift his head or wag his tushie the way he has since birth.

Dr. Krauss cried with us, and asked us to let her do whatever she could to save him, as long as she believed there was still a sliver of hope.

You must understand, THAT IS WHAT MAKES AN EXCEPTIONAL TEAM. Any Vet can run tests. Any Vet can medicate your pets. Any Vet can tell you what it's going to cost, and what the odds are for survival.

What Dr. Krauss and her team exhibit on every single occasion (remember, having four puppies means four times the trouble to get into!) is a level of care that is truly spiritual, a level beyond that of basic medical treatment. She made countless calls to update us, and arrange times for us to visit Kato to keep his spirits up, so he'd fight to live. Many thanks to Chris for all your guidance on the phone, we had a million questions!


Well, Kato wound up beating the odds, and made a dramatic recovery. It can't always be a happy ending, but we were lucky this time. He's a real fighter, and he had the best veterinary team that anyone could ask for. Dr. Krauss calls him their "Miracle Dog", and we call him "The Million Dollar Dog"! We owe the continuing good health of all 4 of our Little Loves to Rita Ranch Pet. They are worth your hard earned money and the longer drive. Dr. Krauss doesn't shame pet owners if they're debating the cost of a test that she wants to run. She doesn't raise her eyebrow if you're not sure what you can and cannot afford. She tells it like it is, and lets you decide on the course of treatment without passing judgment.

We know that our Little Loves have her heart, and she in turn has ours. We Love You Guys!
The ZV Family

-The Zarris Family


Dr. Krauss has done more for my Max than anyone. His allergies and other problems are under control now. Thank you thank you you are the best!!

-Lorna Powell


Dr. Krauss and the Staff of Rita Ranch Pet Hospital,

I am Jessy and I was a patient in your clinic until I left Tucson in June 2012. I moved my people to Albuquerque, New Mexico, when I accepted a position to be the "Installation Command Chief Dog" for Kirtland AFB. I would not be able to serve my constituents at Kirtland if it were not for the wonderful and nurturing care I received from your staff in April 2011.

I became very sick while my Airman was assigned to Afghanistan, and my Mom and your staff worked hard to restore my health before my Chief returned. I had to have surgery and remove a nasty tumor in my uterus. Dr. Krauss was hoping to give me another year or two of life, and I am pleased to say, I am doing very well in Albuquerque. I am eating several times a day, something I haven't done in years, and I enjoy the busy social life that comes with being a Command Chief Dog. In fact, there are times I am ready for round two of the busy schedule and my people are exhausted.

I am sending you a few pictures so you can see how good I look (I just visited the beauty salon this weekend). I expect I can make it another 10 years, but realize I am going to see my Airman and his wife through this 3 year assignment. I owe a debt of gratitude to the staff of Rita Ranch Hospital, and I hope you don't mind the impersonal e-note of thanks. I promise to stop by your great clinic and visit if I get a chance to visit Tucson in the future.

-Many thanks from a very thankful patient and friend for life,
Kirtland AFB Installation Command Chief Dog
Albuquerque NM


Recently my dog Aspen became very ill. I loaded her up in my car and off we went to Rita Ranch Pet Hospital. We got there about 7:30 am and I knew they didn't open until 8:00 am but I sat out in the car waiting. I wasn't there but a few minutes and Dr. Krauss arrived and saw me waiting in my car. She unlocked the door and motioned for me to come in. I carried Aspen in and Dr. Krauss put me in an exam room right away. None of her staff were even in yet, but she jumped right in and started treating my ailing puppy. That day I didn't have an appointment but Dr. Krauss and her staff sacrificed their time and compromised their schedule to take care of my sick puppy. Even more impressive is that the following morning Dr. Krauss personally called to check in on how Aspen was feeling.

-Ann Long


We moved to Arizona in 2008 with our black lab, Secret, and were extremely happy to have found Dr. Krauss and her staff. They are always knowledgeable, courteous and forthright in their communications with me on any of Secret's conditions, procedures, costs, and also helping me make educated choices on any treatment plans. When I come to pick her up she is happy to see me, but still very comfortable in her surroundings. It is the first time I have had a dog that does not mind going to the vet. Secret had many ear infections in VA which have continued here in Arizona with endless visits over the years for these infections. Even though we see a dermatologist, Dr. Krauss is still involved with Secret's treatments. If I am lucky enough not to have any major outbreaks for a while and I am just stopping in to pick up food or heartworm pills, everyone wants to know exactly how she is doing. I feel that they care about Secret as much as I do.

In 2009, Secret was diagnosed with diabetes without any of the normal signs of diabetes. Dr. Krauss was concerned about reoccurring infections and sugguested we run a blood test and found that she was diabetic. We are grateful that Dr. Krauss took the initiative to run this simple test because she prevented Secret from collapsing or becoming extremely sick from the diabetes, and preventing any major damage to her kidneys and liver. Imagine the cost had she collapsed or even died compared to the cost of a simple blood test. Our first year with the diabetes was uneventful other than her scheduled checkups, but the second year we had some issues because of an insulin change. Whenever I called concerned with Secret's odd behavior or was unable to get a blood sample, I was always told to bring her right in to the office. Since Secret is our baby, it is so reassuring that their support and commitment to working with me through any issue has made this diabetic nightmare much easier and less scary to handle.

Secret always receives exceptional care at Rita Ranch Pet Hospital. I have always had a great veterinarian experience with them, and have been impressed on the cleanliness of the hospital which is important to me. In 2011 they received their AAHA certification which lets pet owners know of their high standards in caring for our pets. It just does not get any better than this!

-Piper Gaither

Skyy & Starr

Rita Ranch Hospital is all you can ask for in a veterinary clinic. I have been a happy customer since they have opened the clinic over 5 years ago. Dr. Lani and her staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding to all your pets needs. Dr. Lani has been there in happy times and sad times. Happy times with adding new family members and sad times when we have cried together with the heartbreaking loss of my beautiful cat Starr. So if you are looking for a great veterinarian hospital, I highly recommend Rita Ranch.

-Jeanne Bolding

Trevor, Akilah & Max

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Dr. Lani Krauss and the members of her practice. Everyone is so warm and caring that we feel like we are members of the family. Dr. Krauss is an excellent veterinarian who takes the time to get to know her patients and truly cares about them. When we first brought in our new puppies (Trevor and Akilah) Dr. Krauss spent over an hour with us, sitting on the floor, getting to know the puppies and talking us through all the ins and outs of raising healthy, happy puppies. She also has an excellent network of specialists that she doesn't hesitate to bring into the diagnostic process when necessary. When our old dog Max showed symptoms of spinal problems she got us a same day appt with an orthopedic surgeon. And finally, when we had to help our pets pass over into the next plain of existence, she's spent time with us, with our pets, and we've cried together over them as they passed on. Dr. Krauss is an exceptional vet and a wonderful human being. We highly recommend her to anyone with pets that they consider members of their family.

-Allison & Michael Reilly


One morning our 9 year old chocolate lab Molly was acting lethargic and whining. I called Rita Ranch Pet Hospital and Dr. Krauss saw us right away. After an x-ray the diagnosis of a twisted stomach was made. (Just like Marley and Me). With Dr. Krauss's fast and accurate diagnosis, Molly had emergency surgery within a few hours. Molly will be 12 years old this Oct.2011. Since then, we have added 2 Mini Dapple doxies (Samantha and Maxine age 2) and 2 chocolate labs (Coco and Zoey age 7months). Each time we are seen in the office we never have to wait. Dr. Krauss and/ or Dr. Johns answer all our questions and our appointments are never rushed. The Vet techs provide us with all needed educational material in writing and the entire staff provides great care in handling our pets with love and tenderness. Their location is very convenient, only 5 minutes away which is wonderful, especially in the summer heat. We really feel that Rita Ranch Pet Hospital is "Our 2nd home"

-The Blancett Family


October of 2009, I rescued a puppy from the Pima Animal Control Center (PACC) Euthanasia List that I named Cody. Cody was placed on this list because he was showing symptoms of kennel cough. On my way home from picking up my newly rescued puppy, I called Rita Ranch Pet Hospital to set up an appointment to get him checked out. I was told to go ahead and bring him on in on my way home. Dr. Krauss examined Cody and determined that he had pneumonia so she started him on a series of antibiotics. She also warned me that because of his age, we have to watch for symptoms of Canine Distemper. Canine Distemper in puppies only has a 20 - 25% survival rate. She went over the symptoms that I needed to watch for and told me if any of them manifested to bring him back in immediately. Cody's symptoms worsened and he began showing classic signs of Canine Distemper. I called to get him an appointment and they instructed me to bring him in right then. At this point, Cody was very dehydrated and weak, he was also having problems breathing. Dr. Krauss treated him with Sub-cue fluids to get him hydrated and her Tech showed me how I could do this at home to keep him hydrated. I went home with a few bags of sub-cue fluids and instructions on when, how many times and how many cc's to give him daily. From that day forward, I think I must have called every day at least once a day to give updates of Cody's condition. I would ask Dr. Krauss if I needed to bring him in or if there was anything I could do at home to ease his pain. Dr. Krauss and her staff were always concerned for Cody and would call me every morning and near the end of everyday to ask how he was doing before they closed up the Clinic. Cody was having a really rough day, his breathing was labored and he was extremely lethargic. I was afraid he wasn't going to make it. I called and they got me in right away. Dr. Krauss examined him then explained to me that Cody was in the neurological phase of Canine Distemper and because he also had a secondary infection of pneumonia there was a chance that he may not make it. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for Canine Distemper. It has a very low survival rate and even if the puppy makes it through, there are usually some sort of neurological problems that the puppy will have to live with the rest of its life. Cody is now almost 2 years old, too smart for his own good and only has a slight neurological tick. He had a very rough start in life but now is one of the happiest dogs around. I firmly believe that if it weren't for Dr. Krauss and her staff caring for Cody literally on a moment's notice or staying in constant contact with me, Cody would not have survived. Cody is a true testament to the dedication, expertise and quality of care that Dr. Krauss and her staff provide their patients every single day.

-Ann Long

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