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Rita Ranch Pet Hospital is a group of veterinary professionals who honor the Human-Animal Bond by offering compassionate, progressive medical care for pets. We educate our clients on veterinary care so they can make informed decisions.

We hope our beautiful setting, warm friendly atmosphere and team approach will make you and your pet feel right at home.

vets in Vail Tucson vet veterinarian Vail pet clinic Tucson

A Tired Dog is a Well Behaved Dog

A tired dog is a well behaved dog! Remember that not only do our furry friends need food and love, they need exercise and training as well. Now that the weather is cooling down, get out there with Fido and start walking again. It will make both of you happier and healthier! And don't forget exercise and entertainment for Felix the cat either. There are lots of interactive cat toys available, see our recent blog on choosing one. Bored pets come up with their own way to entertain themselves, and it’s not usually what we want them to do! So to prevent behavior problems, remember your pets count on YOU to provide the exercise and fun. Check out our Resources Page for some great links on behavior and training.