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Rita Ranch Pet Hospital is a group of veterinary professionals who honor the Human-Animal Bond by offering compassionate, progressive medical care for pets. We educate our clients on veterinary care so they can make informed decisions.

We hope our beautiful setting, warm friendly atmosphere and team approach will make you and your pet feel right at home.

vets in Vail Tucson vet veterinarian Vail pet clinic Tucson

Spring Allergies

Well, it’s only March but it seems that spring has sprung here in the Old Pueblo. While the Eastern states are still struggling with record amounts of snow, Tucson is enjoying perfect weather to be outdoors. The beautiful blooming trees and flowers bring with them pollens that many of our pets are allergic to. Allergies in pets often result in itchy skin, which can occur anywhere on the body, but ears, face, feet, and belly are the most common areas. Just like with people, antihistamines can help decrease the annoying signs of allergies. There are also topical medications, fatty acid supplements, and for the severe cases we can use oral medications or even allergy shots. So if you notice your pet becomes itchy every spring, it may well be the same things that are causing your nose to run! Itchy skin can quickly escalate into a skin infection, so please call us to discuss your pets symptom s as soon as you notice a problem.